wheels - for every commitment the right wheel!

As a manufacturer of wheels for agricultural, forest and construction vehicles as well as twin systems, couplings and numerous equipment for tractors, telescopic shovels and wheel-type loaders we made ourselves well-known far beyond the German speaking countries in the early sixties.

Additionally to our established products we offer tires of the most various trademarks in our program since 1999. Therefore we are in the position to supply you with all necessary products for your vehicles - special devices, special wheels with tires of your choice and twin wheels.

forest rim

with rim flange reinforcement and value protection as well as completely welded wheel disc made of robust finde grain steel.

static wheels

with arched wheels disc and circumferential weldseam.

spur spacer ring-rim, variable32-fold

extremely stable type for tubeless mounting, option: demountable inner race.

cultivation wheels

fixed on a set spur with circularly welded disc.