dual 1000 - smoothly coupling

A simple but powerful system for small tractors used for cultivating wine and fruit, small loaders and trailers up to 28" rim diameter. The power of vehicle performance should not exceed 60kW (82 PS).

advantages Dual 1000

  • 1 Well-concepted and simple construction for installation from the outer (1) twin wheel
  • 2 Easy tightening of the twin wheel by a special nut
  • 3 A stop-spacer ring provides easy installation
  • 5° -shoulder fitting on the main wheel provides perfect positioning
  • Distance between the wheels can be determinded individually
  • No welding in the tractor wheel
  • Installation requires only one person
  • Fitting with 2-3 spindles

advantages: eye nut and hook

  • Easy installation
  • No contamination of the eye nut
  • No wear of the eye nut and hook

Dual1000 only available with 5°stop-spacer ring

All Dual1000 twin rims of 12-28" diameter have our 5°stop-spacer ring3. This adds even more comfort to the installation and dismantling. By aligning with the 5° shoulder 4 the optimum position of the twin wheel is easily achieved. The crimped reinforcing seam of the spacer ring with the 5°shoulder allows considerable advantages for handling the twin wheel.

  • EEasier installation
  • Easy dismantling as no jamming of the twin wheel is possible
  • No lateral run out by tilting of the twin wheel
  • Optimum positioning of the twin wheel for all rim tyres - drop centre, wide and angular shoulder rims